Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix Review

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Well-maintained trees are beautiful to look at. They provide a home for birds and other small animals, as well as shade for your lawn. The downside to having multiple trees on your lawn is that the overabundance of shade can make it difficult to grow grass. When the sun cannot adequately penetrate the ground for cover to grow, it can leave bare patches of dirt and dead grass underneath and around the trees.

The Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix is specifically formulated for yards and lawns with very little sun and/or dense shade. What is particularly unique about this grass seed mixture is that Pennington has cultivated seeds that are environmentally conscious and drought resistant. When compared to standard grass seed mixes, Pennington Smart Seed mixes can save up to 30% more water. Each bag of this grass seed is imbued with Pennington’s patented Penkote technology, which ensures plant growth and improves seedling success for healthier plants.

Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix - 7 LB
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Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix - 7 LB
  • This bag covers up to 1,750 sq. ft.
  • Uses up to 30% less water versus ordinary grass seed
  • Grass establishes quickly
  • Contains grass seed varieties that thrive in shade

It is important to note that each bag of Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix is specifically formulated for different regions of the country, so you must take care to ensure that you are buying the seed formula that is designed for the climate you live in.


  • The seeds used in Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix are chosen for their quick germination results. On average, customers saw significant growth in as little as 4 to 7 days.
  • Pennington cultivates improved seed varieties that are designed to specifically thrive in the shade.
  • Each of the seeds included in the Dense Shade Mix are inoculated with Mycorrhizae to improve resistance to disease and outperform other shade seed mixes.


  • The price for a 7lb bag of this mixture (at the time of this writing) is $27.79, which is pricier than other brands for bags of comparable size.


The Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix produces a fine-bladed grass that results in a lower maintenance lawn. This formula was specifically crafted to outperform all other shade mixes on the market today, and Smart Seed is guaranteed to grow and is protected by the Pennington Guarantee. This product is a mixture of perennial ryegrass and fescue grass.

Because this Smart Seed Mix is designed for heavy and dense shade, this grass requires only 2-4 hours of sunlight a day to grow well. The grass color ranges from medium to dark green. It has a high resistance to disease and a good tolerance to drought. Tolerance to traffic is only moderate. Pennington recommends sowing this grass seed in early fall or early spring. Planting depth should be approximately ¼ of an inch. For uncultivated lawns that are being seeded for the first time, a 7 pound bag will cover approximately 1,000 square feet of space. For lawns that are being overseeded, a bag of the same size will cover 2,000 square feet. On average, germination will take 7 to 10 days, but many homeowners have observed new grass growth in as little as 4 to 6 days.

Pennington’s recommendations for planting new seed are simple and straightforward. To get the best results from your Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix, they recommend tilling the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches, laying down any soil enhancements (e.g. lime or fertilizer), and then spreading the seed evenly according to the recommended seeding rates. The seeded area will need to be kept well-watered until the grass has had time to lay down a proper root structure.

On the whole, user reviews for this Smart Seed mix have been largely positive. It has been praised for the seeds’ quick germination and the beauty of the grass once it has matured. For many homeowners with shady lawns, this has been the only seed mixture that they have used with positive results. There have been few complaints about this seed grass mixture beyond a handful of reviewers who were unable to convince it to grow in their lawns.

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In the eyes of most reviewers, the Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix is the best seed for shady yards and lawns; however, in order to enjoy the best results, it is important to water and fertilize the new grass properly. When compared to other brands of grass seed mixes for shade, Pennington Smart Seed is more expensive, but if you want nothing less than the best, then this is the perfect option for your lawn.

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