Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend Review

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Pearl is a newcomer to the lawn care and maintenance industry, but it has quickly developed a cult following, especially among those who wish to grow organic lawns. The label has received positive reviews in the press from many respected names, including This Old House Magazine and the National Garden Association. The brand was founded by Jackson Madnick of Wayland, Massachusetts.

The Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend is a new type of grass seed that was developed through six years of product research and testing. The end result is a type of grass that the manufacturer claims does not require watering after it has become established, only needs mowing once every three to four weeks, and will not ever require the use of chemical fertilizers. Designed and blended for use in cooler climates, the Pearl’s Shady Blend seems almost too good to be true, but does it live up to the hype?

Pearl's Premium Grass Seed: Sunny Mixture 25 LBs
9 Reviews
Pearl's Premium Grass Seed: Sunny Mixture 25 LBs
  • 4000sf Coverage per 25-pound Bag
  • Product Best for 6+ Hours of Sun to Full Sun
  • Fast Return on Investment with Maintenance Reduction and Reduced Water Costs
  • Follow complete installation instructions on bag

Read on to find out more about what the Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend has to offer!


  • The Pearl’s Premium grass seed appears to grow well in traditionally “hard to grow” places, like curbsides and around trees.
  • Because the grass seed does not need daily watering after it is established, it can reduce a homeowner’s monthly water costs.
  • This product is best for yards that receive 6+ hours of sun each day.


  • It has a high price tag.
  • The grass seed requires religious watering until it is established.
  • It can take up to four weeks for the grass seed to germinate.


  • Every 5lbs of Pearl’s Premium offers 800 square feet of coverage.
  • The manufacturer provides complete installation instructions.
  • The seed puts down roots that are 12 to 14 inches in depth.
  • The seed mixture is formulated to grow in full sun.


Reviews for the Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend have been mixed at best. At the time of this writing, only 32% of reviewers had given it a 5-star rating, while another 26% of reviewers have rated it four stars.

According to the manufacturer, no soil preparation is needed prior to seeding; however, according to reviews, the users who have experienced the best results have been those who followed the traditional methods of soil prep (e.g. removing dead debris, raking, fertilizing, etc.) before laying down the seed.

Although the Pearl Premium blend is marketed as needing fewer watering sessions once it has matured, the germination phase is labor intensive. For the first three weeks, the new seed will need to be watered for 20 to 30 minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It will need to be watered a second time around mid-afternoon or early evening. For the fourth and fifth week, watering can be cut back to every other day. After that, it will need to be watered once every three to four weeks (if it does not rain in your neighborhood).

When it comes to mowing, Pearl recommends cutting the lawn high with a fine, sharp blade. The grass will need to reach a height of 4 inches before it can be mowed, and it should not be cut any lower than three inches. To assist with weed control, the manufacturer recommends aerating your lawn twice a year.

The grass that sprouts from the Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend are capable of putting down roots 12 to 14 inches deep in the soil. This is why it requires such infrequent watering. It is genetically engineered to grow at a quarter of the rate of standard grass seed, which means that it only needs to mowed once a month. Pearl states that chemical fertilizers do not need to be used with this grass seed. The seed mixture does not contain any additives or chemicals that are harmful to wildlife, pets, or small children, and mature grass has a bright green hue.

For roughly one-third of reviewers, this grass seed performed beautifully. For at least a quarter of reviewers, it failed to germinate at all. A small percentage of reviewers stated that their yards had grown an abundance of weeds after the seed was laid down. Overall, the general consensus was that the performance of the Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend did not justify its high price tag.

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With its high purchase price and spotty performance record, the Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend is something you should try at your own risk. Before buying this grass seed (or any type), we would encourage you to have a professional soil test done on your front yard to measure its acidity and pH balance. Doing so will enable you to avoid wasting your money on grass seed that won’t perform well in your climate.

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