Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn Soil Fertilizer Review

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Most homeowners will have beautiful, promising looking lawns in the spring. Those annual, persistent weeds have not yet had a chance to germinate. The warm, sultry temperatures of spring, coupled with ample rainfall, creates the ideal growing environment. However, these favorable conditions often mask underlying problems with our lawns.

These problems are the reason why our lawns will begin to shrivel and die during the hot summer months, fall victim to disease and insects, and become overrun with weeds.

The good news is that there are products specifically formulated to supplement your lawn care and assist you in building a better lawn, like Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer. This fertilizer will help you improve the soil conditions on your lawn each day, and it is guaranteed that you will the results.

Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil Fertilizer, 18-Pound
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Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil Fertilizer, 18-Pound
  • 28 pound bag
  • 5,0000 square foot coverage
  • Aids in grass seed development
  • Releases trapped nutrients

The Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer works to loosen compacted, hard soil, transforming it into crumbly and loose soil, so water, air, and nutrients can better penetrate it. Moreover, this specially formulated fertilizer significantly increases your lawn’s drought tolerance and turf grass root mass. At a time when water restrictions are becoming increasingly commonplace, these abilities will be crucial to maintaining a healthy, lush lawn.


  • A 28lb bag of Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer will provide roughly 5,000 square feet of coverage.
  • This fertilizer is specifically formulated to loosen compacted soil, release nutrients trapped in the soil, and aid in the development of grass seed.
  • This product can be safely used year round.


  • Several consumers had their fertilizer bags arrive opened or torn.


The Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer has enjoyed almost universally positive reviews on Amazon from buyers who have purchased it. This fertilizer is comprised of a special mix of soil reviving ingredients, including iron, sulfur, calcium, molasses, humates, and amino acids. Each of these ingredients was carefully selected for their ability to loosen compacted soil, while simultaneously breaking down nutrients. The inclusion of the humates restores soil life, and all of the ingredients encourage soil microbes to breakdown trapped nutrients.

This fertilizer was designed specifically for homeowners who have clay like or sandy soil in their lawns. These types of soil cannot retain nutrients well, and this impedes the ability of grass to grow the tender, long roots it requires to thrive. Years of neglect and over-use only compound the problem for homeowners who want to grow grass. With only two applications a year, Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer promises to immensely improve your soil conditions. What sets this fertilizer apart from its competitors is its ability to condition soil up to two feet below the surface. This is significantly deeper than the average 5 inches that core aeration provides.

The Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer has fared well in both professional and consumer written reviews. Users have praised it for ability to help water absorb into the soil. According to reviewers, the instructions are simple to follow, and it produces solid results. At the time of this writing, 70% of reviewers on Amazon have rated it four stars or higher. There have been a handful of complaints from consumers who have had their bags of fertilizer arrive opened or torn, but this problem cannot be attributed directly to the manufacturer.

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If your lawn currently has issues rooting, forms puddles too quickly, or has trouble surviving during the hot summer months, then you are more than likely experiencing problems caused by compacted soil, and Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil Fertilizer can provide the solution you are looking for. From its affordable price point to its proven track record, this fertilizer is a solid investment. Use it to supplement your current lawn care program, and you will be amazed at the results. More importantly, your plants will thank you.

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